MWV and RockTenn have come together to form WestRock.

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In Your Life

Packaging matters for moments in our lives--big and small. Whether it's the first pizza box delivered to your dorm room or the bottle of perfume from your wedding day, these details matter.

At WestRock we make packaging that matters. And we study it from all angles--consumer insights, science and design and global markets--so we can win together with our customers.

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Ideas in action

MWV is proud to be a part of the U.S. manufacturing industry, which performs more than 3/4s of all private-sector R&D in the nation.

Barrier to Entry

Introducing EnShield™ kit 5, a lightweight paperboard for packaging foods that require resistance to oil and grease.

FlexFit™ for a Better Experience

An innovatve one-piece, flip top pouch fitment for a clean, mess-free experience every time. Discover how...

Through the Mirror

Explore a close-up look at how global skincare rituals can inspire packaging and improve the skincare experience.

2015 Annual Report

We have brought together 41,000 employees and 268 global locations to join forces in improving our business and our customers' success in the marketplace.